Rod Rotator Technology Testimonials

Wellhead Systems Inc. leads the market in developing a complete line of bearing drive rod rotators. By eliminating ratchet pawls and replacing them with a new bearing design, our rotators have been field tested and proven in some of the industry’s harshest conditions.

The NEW 4033 Pro-Torque™ & 4033SG Pro-Torque™ provide customers with a new and improved design that significantly reduces rod rotator equipment failure. The one-way bearing design simplifies rotator mechanics, increasing run times and reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Several of our customers that have used our new products share their experiences:

From the Bakken Shale

  • WSI’s 4033 rod rotator was placed on a well that experienced several failures using ratchet pawl style rod rotators from other manufactures. Since replacing them with the 4033, performance has been great with zero issues. “We haven’t had to touch it,” the customer said.
  • Our customer installed four of our 4033 rod rotators in September 2015. More than a year later, they were still running great. “We haven’t had to worry about them at all,” the customer said.
  • A 4033 was installed in October 2015 when a customer was having trouble with excessive torque created by heavy oil and paraffin. The problem went away immediately, and there were no more issues or complaints. “It’s the longest run time we’ve had out of a rotator yet,” the customer said.

From the Permian Basin

  • A company operating in the Permian Basin was running other brands of ratchet style rotators on a horizontal well, and each one lasted about a week. The operator decided to try WSI’s 4033 and was happy to see it still running three months into the trial. Due to a pump malfunction, the customer had to pull the well, which allowed an opportunity to evaluate wear on the rods. “We were pleased to find even wear on the guides from the top all the way to the bottom of the string,” the customer said.
  • The first test of the WSI 4033SG took place in the Permian Basin. A major producer had tried both WSI and a competitor’s ratchet pawl style rotators. The best run time they saw was three weeks. Afterword, they agreed to install the new WSI 4033SG, and were pleased to see it operated trouble free for more than a year. The customer stated, “We will not run any other rotator over the one-way bearing design.”

From the Mid-Contentment region

  • About twice a year, a company in the Texas Panhandle experienced breakdowns associated with the ratchet pawl rod rotators designed by a competitor company. Then they turned to WSI’s 4033. “We have not had any issues with the 4033,” the customer said.
  • A pump shop owner said that he didn't have a specific instance to use as a testimonial, but he did say that, “If I needed a rod rotator on a personal well, I would use the 4033.”