Case Studies

“NEW” Super Life 575 Polymer Packing Case Study

A case study was conducted using the NEW WSI Super Life 575 Polymer packing on a well in Southern Oklahoma. The well produced 5bbls oil and 341bbls of water per day (Approx. 1% oil cut). Below is the well data information:

  • Packing Installed: 07/07/2014
  • Packing Replaced: 02/18/2015
  • Run Time: 226 days
  • Prior use was standard Soft Cone packing replacing every 18-21 days
  • Max. Pressure: 120
  • Strokes per minute: 6.81
  • Stroke length: 144"
  • Run time: 18 hours per day

Summary: The WSI Super Life 575 Polymer packing was seeing over 86,953 feet of polished rod movement per day. This equates to 1000% increase in life over previous packing.

A case study of similar run times was also conducted using the NEW WSI Super Life 575 Polymer packing on several wells in Drayton Valley, Canada. The Super Life 575 Polymer packing lasted on average of 7 times longer than previous packing including:

  • Teflon
  • Hard
  • High Temp Brass

While all well conditions were not provided by the customer we do know that all wells in this area contained up to 2% H2S with well pressures up to 500 PSI, and well temperatures up to 175F. Strokes per minute ranged from 5-7 SPM with 120” stroke length.

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