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Wellhead Systems, Inc., is located in beautiful Hill City, Kansas. We specialize in providing high quality independent wellhead equipment per API 11-IW and API 5B Sizes from 2-3/8" to 13-3/8".

We use high quality CNC machines to manufacture our parts and have a quality assurance program second to none.

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  • Total Depth Warehouse in Williston, ND is OPEN and fully operational.  TDW is WSI's Manufacturers Rep in the Williston Basin.  Please contact: Gavin Schmitz, WSI's BDM for the Rocky's Region at Phone: 785-216-0724 Email: [email protected]

Rod Rotator Testimonials

Wellhead Systems Inc., once again is leading the market by introducing a COMPLETE family line of bearing drive rod rotators. By eliminating ratchet pawls and replacing with the new bearing design, our rotators have been field tested and proven in some of the harshest conditions. All models (4033, 2253, 1165) are available in a Slow Gear model as well.

The NEW 4033 Pro-Torque™ & 4033SG Pro-Torque™ provide customers with a new and improved design, eliminating the #1 cause of rod rotator failure since the original development. The “NEW” one-way bearing design simplifies rotator mechanics, increasing runtimes and reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


Bakken Customers

4033 was placed on a well that had previously had several failures with other manufactures Ratchet Pawl style RR. Our 4033 was placed on the well the first week of July 2015 and is still running great with zero issues. “It is running great and we haven’t had to touch it.”

They installed four of our 4033 in the last week of September 2015 and are still running great with no issues to report. They had previously been running competitors with normal wear and tear issues. “We installed them and haven’t had to worry about them once.”

Installed a 4033 mid October 2015. This company was having fits with RR because of heavy oil and paraffin issues creating a lot of torque. The 4033 has been running since October with no issues or complaints. “Longest run time we had out of a rotator yet.”

Permian Basin Customers

This company ran a ratchet style rotator from two of our competitors and they lasted about a week. This was on a horizontal well. They installed one of our 4033 SG rotators. It has been 3 months and the rotator is still working. They had to pull the well because the pump stopped working. They had even wear on the rods from the top of the well to the top of the pump, approximately 10,000 feet. They have 4 to 8 guides per rod. The wear they found was on the top of the pump. “We were pleased to find even wear on the guides from the top to bottom of string.”

Original test of 4033SG took place in the Permian Basin with a major producer. The customer had tried both WSI and a competitors ratchet pawl style rotators and the best run time was 3 weeks. They agreed to install the new WSI 4033SG and has been operating now for over a year with no problems. The customer stated, “We will not run any other rotator over the one-way bearing design.”


This company in Darouzette said, “We have not had any issues with the 4033 that was put on in October.”  The ratchet pawls design from a competitor, that they were using before would usually break down about once or twice a year.

A pump shop owner said, that he didn't have a specific instance to use as a testimonial but did say that, “If I needed a rod rotator on a personal well, I would use the 4033.”


“NEW” Super Life 575 Polymer Packing Case Study

A case study was conducted using the NEW WSI Super Life 575 Polymer packing on a well in Southern Oklahoma. The well produced 5bbls oil and 341bbls of water per day (Approx. 1% oil cut). Below is the well data information:

  • Packing Installed: 07/07/2014
  • Packing Replaced: 02/18/2015
  • Run Time: 226 days
  • Prior use was standard Soft Cone packing replacing every 18-21 days
  • Max. Pressure: 120
  • Strokes per minute: 6.81
  • Stroke length: 144"
  • Run time: 18 hours per day

Summary:  The WSI Super Life 575 Polymer packing was seeing over 86,953 feet of polished rod movement per day. This equates to 1000% increase in life over previous packing.

A case study of similar run times was also conducted using the NEW WSI Super Life 575 Polymer packing on several wells in Drayton Valley, Canada.  The Super Life 575 Polymer packing lasted on average of 7 times longer than previous packing including:

  • Teflon
  • Hard
  • High Temp Brass

While all well conditions were not provided by the customer we do know that all wells in this area contained up to 2% H2S with well pressures up to 500 PSI, and well temperatures up to 175F. Strokes per minute ranged from 5-7 SPM with 120” stroke length.

Customer Comments:

“I will be using this packing from now on.”

“I have tried everything, this is a high volume well with produced sand, I want more 575 packing.”

“It is the longest packing life I have had.”



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Proud members of Hill City Chamber of Commerce, Permian Basin Petroleum Association,
Ohio Oil & Gas Association, AWHEM, OIPA (Oklahoma), KIOGA, EKOGA and Illinois Oil & Gas Association

Representation in all major oilfield locations Distribution area includes domestic and international

Centrally located in the oilfields of Kansas to maximize shipping efficiency

P.O. Box 129, 710 West McVey, Hill City, Kansas 67642